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Search and find logic in the illogical it’s more genuine and vivid, than trying to make sense of a reality that doesn’t favor us.
Eulália Marques
People say: maintain your humanity.
I say: perserve the good sense.
Eulália Marques
Keep this in your mind: love owns you, not the other way around.
Eulália Marques
Maybe love doesn’t allow to have everything, but holds up before anything.
Eulália Marques


Jeff Friesen reimagines Banksy’s famous street art as LEGO scenes in his series Bricksy See the full set here

Portugal melhor destino para USA Today


Os leitores do jornal norte-americano com maior tiragem nos Estados Unidos USA Today elegeram Portugal como melhor destino na Europa para o ano de 2014.


A avaliação que aparece no site de viagens pertencente ao jornal, mostra a seguinte classificação:

  1. Portugal;
  2. Itália;
  3. Áustria;
  4. Alemanha;
  5. Reino Unido;
  6. Espanha;
  7. Irlanda;
  8. França;
  9. Islândia;
  10. Suíça.
It is true that a thousand days cannot prove you right, but one day can prove you to be wrong.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb on why mistakes matter (via creativesomething)

Sad but true.


Sad but true.

We should not categorize the fascists, totalitarians and dictators as “monsters” and separate them from a whole to which we belong and designated as “normal”. Anyone can become this “monster”. And this “monster” was once “normal”.
Carlos Valente
Que maravilha é poder olhar aquilo que não se vê. »»
How wonderful is to be able to watch what we do not see